“Trends in IT and Importance of Volunteering” with Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan

Centangle Interactive

Organization for Educational Change (OEC) in collaboration with Aga Khan Economic Planing Board (AKEPB), organized a session with Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan, the Head of Global Infrastructure at Novo Nordisk, and Mr. Aly Khan, a Liverpool University graduate and a budding entrepreneur; at Centangle Interactive office in Islamabad.
Mr. Shaukat has over a decade of experience in the European IT industry and has previously worked at UNICEF at their headquarters in Denmark. He inspired the audience, mostly IT graduates, with his story and how volunteering can help shape their professional careers and communities at large. He also shared his thoughts on changing trends in the field of information technology. Later on, Mr. Shaukat gave important information about scholarship opportunities for higher studies in Scandinavia. His articles about careers and education can be found on CareerFinder4All.
He was accompanied by Mr. Aly Khan, who is a budding entrepreneur from…

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